1. Absent Friends

From the recording Bent On Rambling

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In October of 2003 we had the pleasure of meeting and befriending Deanna Smith Scotland and Jiggernaut - a super-cool-funky band of utterly-talented musicians! One of Deanna’s original songs, “Absent Friends” is a beautiful piece of music that has evolved into a touchstone. In 2012, at the passing of our close friend Pat Patterson. Deanna graciously consented to our singing her song for Pat. Although a chore to get through, it was the perfect song. This past June, at the passing of Mark’s mother Dawn, we sang “Absent Friends” as the final, bittersweet moment of celebration of her life. We wrestled with adding such a highly personal piece into our songbook but gave it a try. Our next few performances of the song were very-well-received and appreciated, and it has become one of our dearest pieces. When we took on this studio-project, “Absent Friends” was the first song we considered. We reached out to Deanna and she was enthused to have us record her creation, and “Absent Friends” was the first song we tracked. Several weeks later, Deanna passed on. The common thread in the outpouring of love and affection that followed was that touchstone “Absent Friends”. In honor of Deanna and in keeping with the love and appreciation and acknowledgement we share our recording of “Absent Friends”. With all our love, Deanna…


Safe home, my friend, fare thee well. Where this road will lead us, only time can tell. But we’ll travel on together just for a little while, and when it’s time to part I’ll leave you with a smile. When there’s music in the corner and laughter on the air, we will meet in love and friendship - sure your spirit will be there. So we’ll open up a bottle and leave the angel’s share, and remember absent friends.

Heartstrings tied with soft, silken cords. Time’s a luxury that no man can afford. Your memories are my treasures, I’ll keep them all my days. You have changed me in a thousand little ways. When there’s music in the corner…

Now it’s time, my friend, to move on. But in hearts that truly love you, you are never really gone. You’re the breeze that blows around us, the moon that lights the sky. With joy and tears, we bid you now goodbye. When there’s music in the corner…

Here’s a toast to absent friends, raise your glass to absent friends.