Tullamore, quite simply, show themselves to be undeniably world class. Mark Clavey's arrangements are nothing short of inspired. Whether with her voice or with her dulcimer, there is great depth, beauty and heart in every note Mary Hanover sings. Everything Rachel Gaither does is spot on... both her singing and virtuoso fiddling are imbued with immense energy and power - full of heart, full of imagination, full of life.”

— Lee Worman, "The Gold Ring", KSMU

About the Band

Now in their 24th season, a steady slate of performances throughout Ireland, Scotland, and the US have made Tullamore one of the Heartland's premiere Celtic bands. Fueled by Rachel Gaither’s stellar vocals and hot fiddling, Mary Hanover’s beautiful voice and personal charm, Michael Coakley's soaring tenor voice and tasty accordion stylings, and Mark Clavey’s creative genius and love of folk and Celtic music, Tullamore’s sound is unmistakable - an American-folk body with a traditional Celtic soul. Their take on Celtic music is rich and clear vocals, tight harmonies and instrumentals, and cool and clever arrangements. Across the country and across the ocean, from arts-centers to pubs, Irish Festivals to Scottish Highland Games, Tullamore are favorites wherever they go.



"An evening of joy, humour and pathos brilliantly presented by the Celtic contemporary band Tullamore. Their enthusiasm and obvious delight in their art came through and helped make a special performance into a completely captivating one."
Howard Hann, Dumfries & Galloway Standard 
Dumfries, Scotland

"An interesting mix of style and great musicianship in an evening of fine Celtic music from this talented US-based outfit."
Eamonn Bradley, Ardhowen Theatre
Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

"Wow! What a pleasant surprise - brilliant voices, great music!" 
Liam Howard, Village Arts Centre
Kilworth, Co Cork, Ireland

"A concert that inspired the audience with its purity of music... a beautiful rendition... 
a breath of fresh air."
Mary Hanley, Ramor Theatre
Virginia, Co Cavan, Ireland

"The trio weaves rich harmonies and energetic, well-crafted instrumentation around mostly traditional Irish ballads. While it might be said there's a plethora of Irish bands in the States these days, not all keep to the tradition and truth of the music as well as these folks. Well done!"
Les Reynolds, Indie-Music.com

"Rich arrangements by Mark Clavey and extraordinary musicianship make Tullamore a superior band. Mary Hanover's vocals are simply a revelation - powerful, low and warm! This is the band to watch!"
Scott Barger, Edmond Highland Games
Edmond, OK

"Tullamore is to Scottish and Irish traditional songs what The Commitments were to soul covers." 
Andrew Miller, The Pitch
Kansas City, MO