From the recording One For the Road

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Mark Clavey: vocals, guitar
Mary Hanover: lead vocals, hammered dulcimer
Rachel Bowerman: vocals, bodhrán
Tara McCullough: fiddle

Another Lloyd request. On July 23, 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie, landed on the isle of Eriskay to begin the fifth (and final) Jacobite uprising. Four weeks later, at Glenfinnan, William Murray unfurled the Prince's standard and proclaimed his father King. At Perth, the Jacobites met up with William's brother, "Gallant" Lord George Murray, who was named Commander of the Jacobite force. Over eight months, they defeated John Cope's army at Prestonpans, and advanced to within 135 miles of London before encountering, at Derby, a force over three times their size. Murray's orderly retreat included a victory at Falkirk before retreating to the Highlands. The Jacobite cause ended on April 16, 1746 at Culloden Moor. Charles (for the first time) took personal charge of his army, and within an hour, his tired, half-starved Jacobites, outnumbered two-to-one by a fresh, well-fed government force, were utterly routed. "Atholl Highlanders" is a Scots jig, associated with the old 77th Highland Regiment, raised in 1778 and led by Col. James Murray, the son of Gallant Murray.


Wha will ride wi' gallant Murray, wha will ride wi' Geordie's sel'? He's the floo'er of all Glenislaw and the darling of Dunkel'. See the white rose in his bonnet, see his banner o'er the Tay, his good sword - he gane an' drawn it and he's flung the sheath away.

Every faithful Murray follows, first o' heroes, best o' men. Every true an' trusty Stewart blithely leaves his native glen. Atholl lads are lads of honor, Westland rogues are rebels a'. When we come wi'in their border, we may gar the Campbells claw.

Wha will ride wi' gallant Murray, &c

Menzies, he's oor friend an' brother, Gask and Strowan are nae slack, noble Perth has ta'en the field wi' a' the Drummonds at his back. Let us ride wi' gallant Murray, let us fight for Cherlie's crown. From the right we'll never falter till we bring the tyrants down.

Wha will ride wi' gallant Murray, &c

MacKintosh, the gallant soldier, wi' the Grahams an' Gordons gay, they have ta'en the field of honor 'spite of all their chiefs could say. Point the musket, bend the rapier, shift the brogue for Lowland shoe, scour the dirk and face the danger, MacKintosh has a' to do.

Wha will ride wi' gallant Murray, &c