From the recording Timber And Stream

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© Bruce Clavey, adaptation © Mark Clavey

Sonya Baughman: vocals, recorder
Mark Clavey: vocals, guitar
Mary Hanover: lead vocals, tinwhistle

This song comes from a poem written by Bruce Clavey as a tribute to his father, Westley, on the event of his passing, and was set to music by his brother, Mark. He is the inspiration for the miller in this song, and is pictured overlooking Cresham's Mill on the front and back covers of the CD-booklet.


A miller stood beside a stream remembering a distant dream about a giant wheel he once discerned - of finest steel and greenest wood that laid upon the ground he stood, and never on its axle had it turned.

With loving care, its frame was hung with tender beams so strong and young. He felt, in some strange way, it was akin to his own wandering soul indeed, and in his heart he knew he need repair it for his home and make it run.

So after a time of uphill battles, well-oiled gears, and shaven paddles, of laying shingled roof and timbered floor... the rapid water flowed about, the wheel revolved and, with a shout, the miller offered thanks above the roar.

The dream dissolved and there he stood 'mid crumbled mortar and splintered wood, a sense of closure lingering in the air. With clear blue eyes, now old and sage, he saw the mill decayed with age while the brook beside still babbled young and fair.

He stood a while and then, at length, his fascination with a strength far greater than the mill began to flow. He took his pipe and then, with not a backward look, he set his foot to seek the place from whence the waters flow.